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2lbs Gone!

Last week was somewhat mixed.

I did follow my eating plan six days out of seven  Unfortunately, the seventh day involved a binge which left me hung-over for the next couple of days.  The lesson is that it is not necessary to buy in a lot of junk just because someone is coming for tea.  I’d have been far better to do a little baking of things we could all eat with integrity.  As it was, the visitors didn’t eat any of the rubbish I bought and I polished it all off within an hour of their leaving.

Not surprisingly, my binge resulted in a gain of 3lbs and I thought I’d be lucky to maintain come today’s ‘official’ weigh in.  So I was very pleased to drop the 3lbs and then 2lbs more in the latter part of the week.

I’m now firmly back on my eating plan and have stopped craving sugar once more.  The car’s still off the road and I’m in no hurry to get it fixed as I’m actually enjoying my walking.  Intentional exercise still isn’t a possibility (according to my head, at any rate) but it will be something to think about when I next stop losing had have to tweak things around.