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Groundhog Day

I’m trying to get into the habit of visiting BlogLand again.  When did life get so busy?  Anyways, over at The Bird’s Nest, Sharon is asking for our predictions regarding Groundhog Day and I thought I’d respond from a Scottish perspective.

I first came across the concept of Groundhog Day in the film of the same name.  Which I loved.  And love.  We don’t have groundhogs in Scotland (I assume they are a real creature?) and, so far as I know, we don’t have a tradition of predicting the beginning of Spring with or without the use of (rather odd-looking) animals.  Spring usually stutters into being around March or April and blends in to Summer just in time for Autumn to approach.

Of course, talking about the seasons makes me think about the weather generally and the changes I’ve seen in it over the past 30-gasp years.  I know that there’s still debate in some quarters regarding the presence (or otherwise) or causes of the global warming phenomena and I don’t intend to open that can of worms.  Although Phil over here looks like he might enjoy them.  My personal experience is that the weather is different now compared to the weather of my childhood.  The End.

When I started learning how to live with Bipolar Disorder I realised how important Summer is to maintaining my wellness.  I need lots of daylight.  And if you can throw in some blue skies I can be positively chirpy.  And, yes, I do wonder why I was born in Scotland when, really, Spain would have suited me better.  For the past few years we’ve had dull, grey, rainy summers and I have craved sunlight.  The winters have been mild with maybe only one or two snowy days.  In all, the weather has reminded me of paintings I’d make as a very small child when adding detail meant I ended up with a big, brown mess instead of the boat, sunshine and ocean I’d meant to create.  It’s all been dark, grey and splodgy instead of the vivid, shimmering blue summers and frosty, bitter white winters I recall from childhood.

This winter has been different.  We had snow for 21 (or was it 23?) days.  And it was proper snow – no icing-sugar sprinkles.  There were sledging and snow-men and igloos.  And this has given me hope for the summer because, as I remember from childhood, a good summer follows a hard winter.

When’s Spring coming?  I don’t know – we’ve more snow forecast for tomorrow.  But I’m looking forward to another long, hot Summer.