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With Unreasonable Disappointment

All week I have stuck to the diet.  All week I have watched the numbers on the scale go down, down and down until, this morning, I weighed 3lbs less than last Wednesday.  So I went along to my official weigh-in at WeightWatchers confident that I’d see a loss and maybe even get my first Silver Seven (an award for losing 7lbs).  And I got weighed and informed that I’ve maintained.

Now, if I’d cheated and maintained then that would be fine.  If I’d cheated and gained then that would be understandable.  But I’ve done what was asked and I want my reward.  And, yes, I am pouting.

Of course, my clothes are different this week – I’m wearing jeans instead of a light, summery skirt.  And, no doubt, my female body is doing slightly different things this week.  But I’m still unreasonably disappointed.  I’m trying to use this as a motivating experience but I’d really rather sulk.  It won’t be a bingey sulk though as I’m determined to see a loss next week!

14th July 2010 – 13st 11lbs

Sometimes all you can do is start over.

Having gone back to my lovely blueprint, I found myself still lacking the focus to stick to it.  So I played and tweaked and cheated.  And saw a gain when I stepped on the scale.  So I stopped weighing for a few days while trying to consume the entire contents of the corner shop.  Then I remembered I’d be seeing my GP who would weigh me whether I was happy about that or not.

The blueprint derives from WeightWatchers and I still had my online subscription (cancelling it had fallen prey to procrastination) so I decided to go back to doing that.  Which would have been fine if I’d actually done it.  But I said I’d start the next day or the day after that or next Monday.  And, well, there was ice cream and chocolate and cake …

I had the appointment with my GP and obediently stood on the scale.  She’s a kind woman and we agreed that dieting is very difficult when there is ice cream and chocolate and cake.  And then I went home to have a think.

On Wednesday, I transferred from WeightWatchers online to WeightWatchers meetings.  My official weigh-in saw me at 13st 11lbs (after breakfast, with clothes – I’m 13st 7lbs on the scale at home first thing in the morning).  I was given a warm welcome by the leader (Holly), collected a stack of books, stayed to class (which was suitably motivating) and won the raffle so I’m now the proud owner of a WeightWatchers Pedometer Plus.  Then I took the car to my parents’ and walked home.

I’m restarting my journey and plan to travel from 13st 11lbs to 9st 6lbs by the most sensible route.  Of course, there’s always time to stop and look at the sights – and ice cream and chocolate and cake!

Weigh in: +5lbs!!!

Well, it’s my first gain in months and if you’re going to do something you might as well do it well, OK?

Last week, I had one binge, one supper with friends, one meal with friends and one BBQ with family.  If you count it as 1lb per event (plus 1lb because bodies do funny things sometimes) it doesn’t look so bad.

While I’ve been doing all this socialising, I’ve really taken my eye off the ball.  I’ve not been weighing every day and I’ve allowed caffeine and sugar (in the form of ice lollies – it’s hot here) to sneak their way back in.  It’s the lack of focus I’m peeved about rather than that +5lbs I’ve just written.  If I’d kept my focus, I could still have enjoyed myself but I’d have known what I was doing to myself and could, therefore, have made better choices.  Or not.  But it would have been a conscious choice rather than my actual ‘What the heck?’ attitude.  And there would have been no nasty surprises when I stepped on the scales this morning.

I wonder how long it will take to lose those extra pounds?  I’d really like to see them gone by this time next week but don’t think that’s a realistic target.  If I could say ‘Goodbye’ to them over the next fortnight I’d actually be quite happy.  Three weeks is dragging it out just a little too long.

How am I going to achieve the loss I want?  I’m going straight back to my normal blue-print of eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with nothing in between and sensible portion-control.  I’ll be avoiding sugar and caffeine and that means I’m going to feel rough for a few days.  Am I going to exercise?  I know the weight would come off faster if I did …  But feeling rough and demanding more of my body probably isn’t a recipe to happy exercising.  And I’m an honest person – I won’t exercise if I’m hating every minute.  So no intentional exercise still although I’ll continue to walk and use public transport even if the car gets fixed soon (which it may).

I have a plan.  See you next week!

Another Pound Bites the Dust!

This past week has had its ups and downs but, as it’s resulted in a 1lb loss, I’m quite happy.

I had a slip on Thursday or Friday and ate a large portion of chocolate confectionery.  I wasn’t hungry – I was tired, had stomach cramps, felt faint and just wanted sugar.  So I ate it.  The next day I weighed in and had gained 2lbs.  I was non-pleased and remained non-pleased until this morning when they disappeared and took one of their friends with them.  Does that mean I lost 3lbs this week?!

I’m starting to think about exercise.  This is probably because the weather is lovely – we’ve had blue skies and sunshine for a few days now – but I’m also conscious that, when I hit my next plateau, there’s not much more I want to reduce in my diet.  My plan was to change my supper (currently a big bowl of porridge) to a mug of hot milk but I’m baulking at that.  I really enjoy my porridge – it’s the ultimate comfort food to me.  So I think exercise may be the next change I choose to make.  However, as the weight is till coming off, I don’t need to worry about that just now.

10th May 2010 – 1lb Loss

Another pound has left my body.  And the nurse told me last week that my BMI is now 35.5 which is the lowest she’s ever seen it.  I’m still obese but moving very much in the right direction.

I have to confess a little disappointment this week, however.  I wanted to lose 2lbs, not 1lb.  Perfectionism is creeping in.  I know why I’ve ‘only’ lost 1lb this week and, actually, it’s really good that I’ve lost at all as this is the week in my monthly cycle during which I find it hardest to lose.  I’ve followed my plan, I’ve done a lot of walking and I should congratulate myself.  Most likely, the disappointment I feel is more a symptom of PMS than a ‘real’ feeling.  So I shall quietly ignore it and continue doing what I’m doing.  This is a big step forward for me – I know feeling a bit off isn’t a ‘reason’ for a binge.  It just is and, if I don’t feed it, it will leave.

The plan for the coming week is really for more of the same.  I shall stick with my eating plan and walk instead of using the car.  See you next week!

2lbs Gone!

Last week was somewhat mixed.

I did follow my eating plan six days out of seven  Unfortunately, the seventh day involved a binge which left me hung-over for the next couple of days.  The lesson is that it is not necessary to buy in a lot of junk just because someone is coming for tea.  I’d have been far better to do a little baking of things we could all eat with integrity.  As it was, the visitors didn’t eat any of the rubbish I bought and I polished it all off within an hour of their leaving.

Not surprisingly, my binge resulted in a gain of 3lbs and I thought I’d be lucky to maintain come today’s ‘official’ weigh in.  So I was very pleased to drop the 3lbs and then 2lbs more in the latter part of the week.

I’m now firmly back on my eating plan and have stopped craving sugar once more.  The car’s still off the road and I’m in no hurry to get it fixed as I’m actually enjoying my walking.  Intentional exercise still isn’t a possibility (according to my head, at any rate) but it will be something to think about when I next stop losing had have to tweak things around.

The Tweak Worked – Lost 2lbs

Last week I’d maintained my weight and decided it was time to make a change to my eating plan.  I told you that I’d cut out one of my snacks and see how things went.  In fact, I watched the scales for a few days and then cut out both of them.  And I’ve lost two pounds this week so we’re back in business and I’m a happy bunny.

I’ve found that I’m not really missing either snack although I am hungry come meal times now where I wasn’t before.  But it’s OK to be hungry when dinner’s on the cooker, isn’t it?

I’m seeing my GP for a check up this afternoon so hopefully there will be a difference on his scale.  I’m still a bit caught up in the ‘diet club’ mentality when I weigh in with him – I don’t want to ‘disappoint’ him and it’s always a bit worrying to be weighed wearing clothes and having eaten and drunk all day before the appointment.  I know this is silly as he’s really supportive – even if his scales don’t show that I’v lost.  He can see the physical change in me.  I can see the physical change in me – my size 20 jeans are getting loose and now need a belt to prevent a bad case of workman’s bum.  When I can afford it, I’m going to try on some size 18s and see if they’re wearable yet.  I have a feeling they’ll still be a bit too tight for comfort but there’s nothing to stop me trying.

My plan for the next week is to continue eating as I have been – sensible breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.  I’m still losing and remain lazy so I’m not committing to intentional exercise yet.  My endeavours to get to Mass daily mean I’m getting at least a little walking every day (the Church is about five minutes’ walk away) and, as the car’s still off the road, I’m getting a couple of longish walks each week.  But the thought of actually donning my trainers and setting out to walk for the sake of walking is still beyond me.  However, my walking is a whole lot easier.  My back no longer aches after 100 yards.  Actually, it doesn’t ache at all which is wonderful!

So it’s onwards and downwards for the next seven days.  I wonder how I’ll do?

13st 11lbs – Maintain

This is the problem of weighing myself every day.  Three days ago I achieved a total loss of 2 stones (1 stone = 14 pounds) and, unsurprisingly, I weigh the same today as I did then.  I feel quite neutral about this – although I rather wish I’d kept the news to myself earlier and announced it today as today’s my proper weigh-in day.

I’m still enjoying my food and am feeling nicely settled with my eating blue-print without being obsessive about it – the odd deviation is fine so long as I avoid sugar and return to the plan at the next meal-time.

Intentional exercise is still absent from my life but I’m getting lots of walking as I still haven’t had my car fixed.  I do now have funds with which to fix it but need to empty it out and book it into the garage.  In all honesty, I’m not in a hurry to do so.  It’s Spring.  The weather is lovely and I’m enjoying my walking.  I don’t want to go back to driving everywhere and am not confident enough about the change in lifestyle to think that, once the car is available again, I’ll continue to walk.  So it can have a well-earned rest.  And I’ll regret this decision next time it rains …

24th March 2010 – 2lbs Lost

I didn’t think I would get a loss this week as it’s ‘star’ week but I did do a lot of walking on Sunday and have followed my plan so I guess I do ‘deserve’ that 2lb loss.  This takes me up to a whopping total loss of 1st 9lbs!

Not eating sugar is getting to be quite easy although I do know that I must be on my guard.  I still look at food items or smell them and think, ‘Oooh, I’d like some of that …’ but, thus far, I’ve been successful in following that thought with, ‘Yes, it would be nice but I choose not to eat it.’

My car’s still off the road (although I do now have funds to get it fixed) so I’m walking everywhere and not taking any intentional exercise.  I still don’t want to, to be honest, but am enjoying walking to get to where I want to go.  And it’s getting easier.  My body feels different and seems to be enjoying moving about.  I think walking (and then running) will be my preferred modes of exercise but I’m also keen to substantially reduce my car-use even when it’s fixed.

All Change!

This is in the nature of an interim post.  And is also my effort at atonement as I failed to update earlier in the week.  I gained 3lbs.  There – I’ve said it.  And I’m going to gain some more before I’m done.  See – now you’re wondering what’s going on, just like I’ve been doing.

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

Last time I posted I was delighted to have made it down to 14st 7lbs.  And then I got the cold.  Or it might have been a flu.  I don’t know, but I felt absolutely awful.  And it’s lasting for ages although I’m much better than I was.  Have you ever tried to diet and have the cold?  The diet slipped right out of my grasp and I proceeded to eat all the ‘comforting’ things I could get my sticky little paws on.  And, believe me, they were very sticky when I was done.

As the cold started getting better I started thinking about getting back on the diet.  I’ve been doing WeightWatchers and, according to the scales, have done really well on it.  Unfortunately, I’ve been constantly hungry for the past however-many weeks and, having tasted satiety, just couldn’t face the thought of being hungry again.  I must point out that I’m on a medication whose leaflet says ’causes increased appetite’ so a lot of the problem’s been caused by that rather than some deficiency with WW which has made me lose weight.  But there’s only so much hunger a food-lover like me can take.  So I tried to get back on the diet.  And failed.  And ate some chocolate.  And tried.  Failed.  Ate.  Gained weight.  Sulked.  Had a think.  And decided:

It’s time for me to go back to SlimmingWorld and do it properly.  That last phrase is key.  I know the SW diet really well and I think that’s led me to take liberties with it in the past.  So this time I will track my food.  I will go every week.  I will stay to class.  And I will exercise (when the cold finally departs).  It helps that SW has made some changes to the eating plan while I’ve been away so I will actually have to concentrate on what I’m doing.

And I’ll let you know how I get on.  My new weigh-in will be a Tuesday night so look for updates on Wednesdays.  At some point I’ll get round to changing the posting schedule in the sidebar …