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Stop Bingeing!

Once again I find myself unhappy with my diet.

The truth is, I hate being on a diet.  I hate the counting.  I hate the decisions.  I hate the restriction.  I want to be able to eat a normal, healthy dinner and not think about it.

My weight-problems aren’t really connected to what I eat for dinner.  My problem is bingeing.  Comfort eating.  Emotional eating.  Boredom eating.  Call it what you will.  Eating meat and two veg has not made me fat.  Chocolate and crisps and cake have made me fat.  Or, at least, my decision to over-indulge on fatty, sugary foods has.

I can lose weight on a diet.  But I can’t stay on a diet.  And, at the moment, being on a diet is making me unhappy and frustrated.  So I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what I can do differently.  And I’ve been thinking about what, in my extensive dieting experience, works and what doesn’t.  And that’s what works for me – not a super-model.

I gained weight when I was very ill and binged and binged and binged.  There were various reasons for the bingeing some of which have resolved.  I have new coping strategies for the bits that aren’t resolved and, while these aren’t always Laura-proof, I don’t actually binge that often when I’m not dieting.  I do binge when I’m dieting, even if it’s on diet-friendly food like cottage cheese.

If I stop bingeing (and get a bit more active) I should, therefore, lose weight.  And the way to stop bingeing is to stop dieting.  And that takes me back to work I did with my first Counsellor (Counsellor C) a number of years ago.  She gave me a booklet of ‘eating instructions’ and I followed the advice therein.  The instructions aren’t rocket science – eat wholefoods, avoid sugar, eat little and often – but they work.  And they don’t result in my feeling deprived or frustrated which every other diet does.

So I’m going back on Counsellor C’s plan.

I’ve actually been kind of doing it for the past week and, having lost 2lbs, feel content about continuing.

1st March 2010 – 2lbs Lost

It’s nearly a month since I checked and I’m delighted to report a 2lb loss.

February was a tough month.  I was ill twice with coughs and colds and I have some personal stuff going on just now that’s really sapped my motivation.  The end result of that 2lb loss is actually fairly miraculous as I’ve spent a good deal of my time eating readi-meals and chocolate and haven’t been exercising.

Actually, I have been keeping an eye on my weight and those 2lbs disappeared over the past week.  I’m physically well again and I’m hoping the personal issues will be resolved later this week – although it’s possible that they will get worse before they get better.  Isn’t that always the way?

The interesting thing is that I’ve lost weight without dieting and only taking what I call ‘incidental exercise.’  Incidental exercise is the activity one engages in in day-to-day life rather than ‘intentional exercise’ which might involve a swim or a trip to the gym.  My car’s off the road at the moment so I’ve had to walk everywhere I want to go.  This has clearly had an effect on my body.  It’s also had a good effect on my purse …

I’m in the process of reassessing my whole dieting mentality and there’s another post in the works about that.  So I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing this week and shall expect another loss next week.