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What’s Cooking?

It’s a while since I’ve had to menu plan, do a proper shop and then cook.  Here’s what I have planned for the week ahead:

  • Veggie Burgers
  • Tuna Lasagne
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Spicy Bean Soup
  • Spinach and Rosemary Soup

What’s cooking in your house?

Week 0 – Maintain

I’ve set myself a goal over on 43Things.  I’m going to try and lose 52lbs over the course of the year.  And that’s why I’ve reset my Week Number to zero in this post.  It’s convenient that I’ve maintained my weight over Christmas and New Year.  Bearing in mind what I’ve been eating (why isn’t chocolate one of your Five a Day?) this is no small miracle.  Today my diet will come back to normality and tomorrow the Sainsbury’s man will bring groceries.  Christmas comes but once a year.  I’ve enjoyed it – but I’ll actually be quite glad to see life settle back down.