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What Makes a House a Home?

I bought Woman Alive magazine for the first time in ages the other day.  And, for the record, I really enjoyed it and am going to subscribe once again.  I’ve taken the title and topic of this post from one of the articles I particularly enjoyed.  A small part of Y157 was also on the topic.  Don’t you love it when things fit together?

Anyway, today I’m thinking about what makes a house a home.  And, no, the image above isn’t a representation of my house.

I live in a flat, close to my parents’ house, in the area where I did a lot of my growing up.  I can actually remember walking past the building I now call home and telling my father that I intended to live here ‘when I grow up.’  Don’t you love it when things fit together?

The flat is a large one – really, it’s too large for one person (and two felines) but I seem to have acquired an awful lot of stuff and then there’s the library …  I have two bedrooms and use the second one as my study.  At the moment, I can see the floor.  There’s a dining/living room which, in Scotland, we call a ‘through-and-through’ because it runs the full depth of the building.  And I have the usual kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

My bedroom is my favourite room and that’s what I really regard as home.  If I’m unhappy, ill, frustrated or need comforted then you can probably find me there.  It is the room which is most ‘me’, if that makes sense?  It has my choice of pictures, my choice of decor, my choice of furniture.  I revamped it when I retired (I got a lump-sum) and have managed not to clutter it with the ubiquitous stuff that I seem attract like a magnet.

The study and kitchen have also been redone since I moved in.  (Was it really ten years ago?)  Sadly, the study has fallen prey to stuff in a big and uncontrollable manner.  It also houses most of the books which are currently living in packing crates because I don’t have enough bookshelves.  I had a fearsome cull last year and gave away about half of my collection but I retain over 400 unread titles.  I’m going through a few a day and asking myself if I still want to read them or can let them go on to readers new.

I enjoy cooking and so generally eat from scratch rather than relying on processed foods.  I feel so much better when I do this.  Interestingly, there’s very little clutter in the kitchen – probably because I see it is a functional room rather than a storage solution.  But I know the cupboards need re-organised and there are one or two items I could pack up and put away.  Where’s my to-do list hiding?

The other rooms are all needing face-lifts – partly because they’re papered and Sammy-cat likes to scratch vertical surfaces.  I am creating another ‘home’ area in the recliner in the living room.  That’s where I am just now.  The chair is placed by the big bay window so I have light to read and can watch a little of the world go by.  And I actually prefer reading here to reading in bed (where I tend to get sleepy).  I have Classic FM playing quietly in the background and a hot-water bottle in the small of my back.  Sam has just come in from his lunch-time stroll and is looking out of the window – probably because my knee is occupied by the laptop.

Yes, this is home.  Where’s your home?