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Book Admin: Week Ending 15/5/20

This has not been my most glorious fortnight of reading.  I’ve been studying and knitting a lot so my reading-time has been much reduced.  Meantime, I seem to have an awful lot of books coming into the house …

As I’ve only read once book, my pile of forthcoming reads remains unchanged.  Hopefully I’ll do somewhat better this week …

Books Read & Reviewed:

Incoming Books

Book Admin – Week Ending 1 May 2010

I’m late in posting this and for no very good reason.  So I shall tell you that I’m enjoying my reading to the detriment of my studying and knitting and set off to tell you about the books I’ve had in my hands this week.

Incoming Books

Books Read & Reviewed

Books out of Seven

  1. Vanessa del Fabbro – The Road to Home (currently reading)
  2. Susan Squellati Florence – The Gift of Now
  3. Colleen McCullough – The Thorn Birds
  4. Ian Petit – God is not Angry
  5. Wendy Moore – Wedlock
  6. Kader Abdolah – The House of the Mosque
  7. Michael Shaughnessy – A Concise Catholic Catechism

Book Admin: Week ending – 24th April 2010

Welcome to this week’s book round-up.  I know I’ve read a lot but I don’t actually feel like I’ve finished many.  But, hey, what matters is that I’m enjoying it!  I do have a lot of new books to tell you about this week but I feel I have to point out that I was lent a small stack at RCIA last night and will be giving them back once they’ve been digested.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t be putting them onto the wishlist if I like them!  I also realised after I posted last week’s round-up that I’d omitted to list the books I had lined up to read in the forthcoming week even though I’d chosen them and put them in their place to await my attention.  So I’ll be sure and remember to do so this week.  I really enjoy picking out my books, seeing what has a higher priority and what would go well (or contrast) with its neighbour.

How has your reading week gone?

Incoming Books

  1. Max Lucado – Just Like Jesus
  2. Evelyn Underhill – The School of Charity
  3. LaVonne Neff – A Life for God
  4. John Powell – The Christian Vision
  5. Fr Tadeusz Dajczer – The Gift of Faith
  6. Ian Petit – God is Not Angry
  7. Ian Sansom – The Case of the Missing Books

Books Read and Reviewed

  1. Jon McGregor – So Many Ways to Begin – 2010/018
  2. CTS – A Simple Rosary Book – 2010/019
  3. Sean McEvoy – Shakespeare:  The Basics – 2010/020

The Week Ahead

  1. Angela Huth – Land Girls
  2. Blessed Mother Teresa
  3. Vanessa Del Fabbro – The Road to Home
  4. Susan Squellati Florence – The Gift of Now
  5. Colleen McCullough – The Thorn Birds
  6. Ian Petit – God is Not Angry
  7. Wendy Moore – Wedlock