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Sunday Links: Make Week Wrap-Up

Sunday Links: Make Week Wrap-Up.

I nearly did it.

I watched no TV – not even the news – for one week.  I made an exception for the Leaders’ Debate on Thursday night, not realising until too late that it was available on the radio.  But that’s OK as I wasn’t exactly watching for pleasure.  And then, yesterday, I completely forgot.  I had a headache, my joints hurt, my plans for a night out were cancelled because a friend was ill, I was tired – too tired to read – and I switched on.  I feel a bit like an addict confession to an illicit drink or cigarette.  I actually forgot it was Make Week – probably because I’ve not kept my promise to keep people updated, sorry guys.  Anyway, I had William snuggled up with me and spent a nice hour watching a recorded episode of Ballykissangel.

Today is the last day of Make Week.  I’m still tired.  My head aches.  My joints hurt.  I don’t have plans for today beyond going to Mass tonight.  My friend and I are not going to Stitch’n Bitch as she’s the one who was ill last night.  I’m undecided on whether to call it a day and spend some time snuggling with Sam (for variety) and watching whatever or to gird my loins and go for one final day.  I quite happily don’t watch TV but this prohibition has been a bit like being on a diet – if one is told not to each chocolate then one instantly wants it.  And, having ‘slipped’ last night, I feel a bit like my diet’s ‘broken’ and can only be restarted on Monday.  So we’ll see.

On the whole, however, I’m pleased with the experiment.  I’ve learned that I’m more TV-dependant than I thought and I’ve enjoyed having more time to read without the procrastinations of ‘too tired’ and ‘it’s been a long day …’

How did your Make Week go?

Sunday Links: Make Week begins tomorrow!

Sunday Links: Make Week begins tomorrow!.

posted about this challenge a couple of days ago and, today, Katie Fox asks us:

How do you feel about a week with no TV?

I am really looking forward to it.  Really looking forward to it.  It’s type it in CAPS if that wasn’t shouting.  I’ve made some rules for myself:

  1. No TV programmes, scheduled or recorded.
  2. No TV magazine.
  3. Radio is not TV and, therefore, it is permitted.
  4. Radio accessed via the TV is permitted because I don’t have a radio in the living room and I need my radio!
  5. No DVDs unless they’re coursework (and I don’t think I’ll be using DVDs for the next part of my studies).
  6. The internet is not TV and, therefore, it is permitted.
  7. Video accessed via the computer/internet is not permitted.

And I think that covers all eventualities.

Are you going to participate?  Are you looking forward to it?  What rules have you made for yourself?