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A177 – Reflection

I’ve actually finished A177 with the last assignment going in last week.  I performed well in the first half of the course, sticking to my schedule and not taking too many days off for recreation.  In the second half (Romeo and Juliet) I let myself be distracted with other bits and pieces and the schedule fell by the wayside.  It didn’t help that I only needed 30% on the last assignment in order to pass the course as, having worked this out, I felt no guilt for not working properly.  I expect this to be reflected in my marks come results day in September.

Y157 Reflection

I finished this course a week or so ago when I posted off the End of Course Assessment (ECA).  Now I have to wait until September for the result.

On the whole, I’m pleased with my performance.  I did complete the course and I did (mostly) stick to my schedule.  I didn’t take time to reflect on my progress, however, and was sometimes sporadic in my working.  Importantly, I found out that studying the social sciences isn’t really for me so I’ve decided to concentrate on the arts and humanities in future.

A Grinding Halt

Everything is coming to a grinding halt.

I don’t know who sang this but it has created an ear-worm and is also very apt.  Studying.  Halt.  Grinding.  And, you know, this time it really wasn’t my fault.  I didn’t lose interest.  I didn’t freak out at the thought of handing in an assignment.  I went to tutorials.  And my mum was sick.  So, in discussion with my CPN and my tutor, I withdrew from the course.

At the time, this was the right thing to do.  And now the books are gathering dust while I wonder what’s inside.  I’m thinking of shadowing the course and re-applying when I’m eligible for funding again – October 2010.   On the one hand, this would be a good use of my time and it’d let me get ahead as I’d just need to review and write the assignments in 2010 as I’d already have done the coursework.  On the other hand, having free time is nice, if I’m not studying then I can be more involved in Cats Protection again and being so far ahead isn’t always a good thing.

I’m undecided although leaning towards the get-ahead option.