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I’m Fading Fast …

This post is destined to be a bit of a ramble so, if you’re short of time:

I’ve had a busy day.  I’ve had the cold for a while and am feeling ill.  I don’t know if I have the stamina to make it to SlimmingWorld tonight.  And then I’m going to ramble about ‘real food’ for a bit before moving on to talk about Lent.

Today started at 5am.  My days are meant to begin at 6am but, lately, I’ve been waking up earlier which is kind of OK.  So I woke at 5am, snuggled with the cats for a bit and then got up.  My cleaner came this morning so we’re all spick and span.  Then Sainsbury’s delivered groceries and I put them away – I love knowing I’ve got lots of food in the house.  And having food means I’ll be cooking for the next few days till the freezer’s stocked again which is fun.  And then we’ll go on to the eating …

But moving on.  Lunch happened and then I thought about studying but didn’t actually open the books.  I wrote yesterday about bringing prayer into my daily life and to this end I decided I needed a prayer book.  Shopping or study?  Shopping or study?  Shopping won.  It usually does – just ask my Bank Manager!  So I trotted off into town and chose a really lovely (but suitably simple) prayer book.  For those that are interested, it’s this one.

Once I’d made my purchase, I realised that I was starting to feel really ill.  So I came home via a pet-sitting job (little old man called Tigger who is missing his mummy very much).  I fed myself some painkillers and had a coffee before hitting the shower in the hope that this would revive me.  It didn’t – although I now smell of coconuts which is always good.

Meds for me, meds for cats, dinner for cats, dinner for me.  And I neglected to use my new prayer book to say Grace.  Bad Laura.  I now have seven minutes before I have to leave for SlimmingWorld if I’m going.  After the recent feline interruption we’re now down to three minutes but I can have more painkillers now …

I am not going to SlimmingWorld tonight.  I’m ill.  I’m tired.  And I just want to veg out in front of the TV and then go to bed.  The diet will still begin tomorrow since I now have suitable food but I will go it alone for a week and see how I do.

OK.  So on to the other topics I’ve been thinking about.  I read a very interesting blog post last night and, unfortunately, can’t remember where it was so that I might give credit where it is due.  Ah well …  The writer was talking about her experience of ‘real food’ which she described as being unprocessed wholefoods.  She had become interested in the real food movement after reading The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin and claimed various benefits including weight-loss.  And she got me to thinking:

Could my health problems (in particular the constant migraines) be connected with my diet?

So I’ve done some digging on the internets and there are mixed reports about The Maker’s Diet.  I think the basic premise:  eat what God intended a human being to eat instead of chemical-laden rubbish, is good and I’m very interested in the whole concept of ‘real food’.  I’ve just ordered a copy of the book from Amazon and we’ll see how I get on with it.

And this brings me nicely to the question of Lent.  I haven’t had RCIA instruction about Lent yet (we’re doing the Sacraments at the moment) but I believe one should give something up for it and also do something positive?  And I’ve been wondering what to do for a while.  I’ve decided I’m going to take a big, deep breath and give up caffeine.  Now, I have to confess here that I’ve done this before and felt fabulous once my body got used to it so I’m not being entirely selfless.  But it is something I will find very hard and should, therefore, turn my thoughts to Christ’s passion.

For the doing of something positive I’m going to commit to daily Mass during Lent with a ‘missed for good reason’ caveat as I can do without feeling guilty if I’m sick and so can’t go.  Again, this is something I’ve done before (although not at Lent) and it made me feel really good and behave like a nicer person.  Being in Church at 9:30am every day will also help me stay awake without umpteen cups of coffee!

Once again, the pieces are falling into place.  Life is good – even if my throat does hurt!

(In)Courage: I love the smell of erasers in the fall…

I was in Studying Mode yesterday.  Unfortunately, today, the magic has worn off.  No … that’s not entirely true.  The magic is still there and I would love to crack on and get my TMA in on time.  The unfortunate thing is that my cold is staging a resurgence and I feel worse now than I did the first time around.  I’m feverish, coughing, wheezing, spluttering and drowning in a river of snot.  Gosh, that paints a picture, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I was looking through the things I’ve snipped from the ‘net to blog about later and came across this article from a few weeks ago:

(In)Courage: I love the smell of erasers in the fall….

When I first read it, I identified strongly with the author.  I used to be the kid who liked going back to school.  Part of that has developed into a stationery fetish and, in particular, a fascination with notebooks.  I have notebooks for everything.  If I start something new then the first thing I do is buy a notebook.  At the moment, my favourite notebook is this one.  It’s not much to look at, I know.  But it has rich, creamy, recycled paper.  The lines are just the right width for my writing.  And it’s wire-bound.  I could expound on the advantages of wire-binding but shall restrain myself.

I’m not so fussy when it comes to pens.  But they do need to be blue.  I own black, red and green too but they rarely get used.  A blue pen with a comfy grip and through which the ink flows freely – some of them are so dry or sticky – and I’m happy.

I’m not sure why I love stationery so much.  It’s a bit like asking me why I like cats.  I could tell you lots of things I like about either but the real reason I like them?  That’s buried somewhere deep inside of me.

But I think the writer of that (In)Courage article has a very valid point.  New stationery signals a new start.  You’ve turned over the page and it’s time to start over.  There are new things to learn, new experiences to enjoy and the past is over.  I’m good at fresh starts.  I’m not so good at things which require me to keep going and endure until a distant goal is reached.

One of the things I like about my Eco pads is that I use them from start to finish, albeit with different purposes.  They often start out as project notebooks or special journals and then metamorphose into shopping lists, phone messages and scribble pads.  But they do get used whereas I have various beautiful journals sitting, half-filled in a drawer.

I’m starting to see my faith as being a bit like an Eco pad.  I start of looking at it (using it, if you will) in one way, move on to another, move on again but it is constant.  Most of the time.  I think constancy of faith is something to which I will continue to aspire for a long time – probably until I reach the Pearly Gates.  But this also explains, perhaps, why Catholicism is such a good match for me – there’s always something new, or a new angle, or something to learn.  And if you’ve learned everything then another level gets unlocked and you start learning again.  At the moment I’m finding that, when I go to Mass daily, it’s like getting a new Eco pad for that day.  It’s my way of taking one day at a time.