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On Reading: On Second Thought. . . .

On Reading: On Second Thought. . . ..

Today, Jennifer is asking:

What are some books that you knew you enjoyed when you read them, but you didn’t realize you really loved until they stood the test of time. What is a book that you’ve given a second thought?

This is a really hard question for me to answer.

With fiction, every now and again a book will stay with me but I generally know it’s One of Those when I read it.  If I’m caught up with the characters, setting and atmosphere, if I find myself thinking about them when I’m not reading and can’t wait to get back into that fictional world then I know it’s made a deep impression and I’ll probably always be able to recall it.  Books like that are favourably reviewed – I don’t give stars – and, if I’m making a list of ‘Best books read’ then I’ll pick them out of my general list of ‘What did you read this year?’

I treat non-fiction a bit differently.  If it makes a big impression, it goes to live in the ‘For Further Study’ box.  If it doesn’t then it’s less favourably reviewed and takes the first train out-a-here.

The decisions are made as I read and as I review.  I don’t go back and change them.  I suppose occasionally I’ll re-read something years later and have different opinions because I’ve moved on in life but I honestly can’t remember a book where I’ve done that.

But I’ll repeat Jennifer’s question to you – I’ll be interested to hear how you come to these decisions and if they’re final or more malleable.