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Weigh-in: 1.5lbs Lost

Sorry I’m so late with this update.  I’ve had a nasty cold this week and haven’t been doing the things I usually do.  However, I did go to my WeightWatchers meeting on Wednesday morning although I didn’t stay to class.  The official scales said that I’d lost 1.5lbs giving me a total of 6.5lbs over the three weeks I’ve been attending.

Last week I set myself a little exercise challenge.  I have the WW Pedometer which counts your steps and converts them to Activity Points.  So last week I decided to make sure I always got into the ‘healthy’ range (this is related to your height and weight and is the minimum number of steps one has to take before Points start to be earned).  I check the Pedometer at dinner time and, if I’ve not hit the target I have to go for a walk or use the Wii Fit until I do.  And I got into the Healthy range each day!

This week, despite the cold (from which I have now recovered), my exercise challenge is to earn 0.5 Points each day.  And, of course, I’m continuing to track everything I eat or drink and bank as many Points as possible.  My period is due so I may not get a loss at the meeting on Wednesday but would be ecstatic if I could have that 0.5lb to get me my first ‘silver seven’ award!

With Unreasonable Disappointment

All week I have stuck to the diet.  All week I have watched the numbers on the scale go down, down and down until, this morning, I weighed 3lbs less than last Wednesday.  So I went along to my official weigh-in at WeightWatchers confident that I’d see a loss and maybe even get my first Silver Seven (an award for losing 7lbs).  And I got weighed and informed that I’ve maintained.

Now, if I’d cheated and maintained then that would be fine.  If I’d cheated and gained then that would be understandable.  But I’ve done what was asked and I want my reward.  And, yes, I am pouting.

Of course, my clothes are different this week – I’m wearing jeans instead of a light, summery skirt.  And, no doubt, my female body is doing slightly different things this week.  But I’m still unreasonably disappointed.  I’m trying to use this as a motivating experience but I’d really rather sulk.  It won’t be a bingey sulk though as I’m determined to see a loss next week!

Tardy but Happy

Sorry I’m so late in posting here – I’m not sure where the week has gone, to be honest.  Anyway.  My first week properly back with WeightWatchers sees me getting a whopping loss of 5lbs.  It’s been easy to stick to the plan and still have the odd treat (chocolate cheesecake, anyone?)  My car spent most of the week living at my parents’ house and I’m sure the added exercise helped so I should really take it back up there tomorrow.  It seems to have crept back to lurk just outside my front door.

My plan for this week is to continue doing more of the same – track everything I eat or drink, stay within my Points allowance and walk instead of driving wherever possible.  I’ll update you on Wednesday …

14th July 2010 – 13st 11lbs

Sometimes all you can do is start over.

Having gone back to my lovely blueprint, I found myself still lacking the focus to stick to it.  So I played and tweaked and cheated.  And saw a gain when I stepped on the scale.  So I stopped weighing for a few days while trying to consume the entire contents of the corner shop.  Then I remembered I’d be seeing my GP who would weigh me whether I was happy about that or not.

The blueprint derives from WeightWatchers and I still had my online subscription (cancelling it had fallen prey to procrastination) so I decided to go back to doing that.  Which would have been fine if I’d actually done it.  But I said I’d start the next day or the day after that or next Monday.  And, well, there was ice cream and chocolate and cake …

I had the appointment with my GP and obediently stood on the scale.  She’s a kind woman and we agreed that dieting is very difficult when there is ice cream and chocolate and cake.  And then I went home to have a think.

On Wednesday, I transferred from WeightWatchers online to WeightWatchers meetings.  My official weigh-in saw me at 13st 11lbs (after breakfast, with clothes – I’m 13st 7lbs on the scale at home first thing in the morning).  I was given a warm welcome by the leader (Holly), collected a stack of books, stayed to class (which was suitably motivating) and won the raffle so I’m now the proud owner of a WeightWatchers Pedometer Plus.  Then I took the car to my parents’ and walked home.

I’m restarting my journey and plan to travel from 13st 11lbs to 9st 6lbs by the most sensible route.  Of course, there’s always time to stop and look at the sights – and ice cream and chocolate and cake!

All Change!

This is in the nature of an interim post.  And is also my effort at atonement as I failed to update earlier in the week.  I gained 3lbs.  There – I’ve said it.  And I’m going to gain some more before I’m done.  See – now you’re wondering what’s going on, just like I’ve been doing.

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

Last time I posted I was delighted to have made it down to 14st 7lbs.  And then I got the cold.  Or it might have been a flu.  I don’t know, but I felt absolutely awful.  And it’s lasting for ages although I’m much better than I was.  Have you ever tried to diet and have the cold?  The diet slipped right out of my grasp and I proceeded to eat all the ‘comforting’ things I could get my sticky little paws on.  And, believe me, they were very sticky when I was done.

As the cold started getting better I started thinking about getting back on the diet.  I’ve been doing WeightWatchers and, according to the scales, have done really well on it.  Unfortunately, I’ve been constantly hungry for the past however-many weeks and, having tasted satiety, just couldn’t face the thought of being hungry again.  I must point out that I’m on a medication whose leaflet says ’causes increased appetite’ so a lot of the problem’s been caused by that rather than some deficiency with WW which has made me lose weight.  But there’s only so much hunger a food-lover like me can take.  So I tried to get back on the diet.  And failed.  And ate some chocolate.  And tried.  Failed.  Ate.  Gained weight.  Sulked.  Had a think.  And decided:

It’s time for me to go back to SlimmingWorld and do it properly.  That last phrase is key.  I know the SW diet really well and I think that’s led me to take liberties with it in the past.  So this time I will track my food.  I will go every week.  I will stay to class.  And I will exercise (when the cold finally departs).  It helps that SW has made some changes to the eating plan while I’ve been away so I will actually have to concentrate on what I’m doing.

And I’ll let you know how I get on.  My new weigh-in will be a Tuesday night so look for updates on Wednesdays.  At some point I’ll get round to changing the posting schedule in the sidebar …

Week 4 – 1lb Lost

I forgot to update last week – sorry.  But the news is all good.

Last time I checked in, I was sitting at 15st 5lbs.  I’m now 14st 12lbs which gives me a total loss of 13lbs from my top weight of 15st 11lbs and means that I’ve achieved my first goal – to lose 5% of my body weight.  My next goal is 10% which I’ll see when I reach 14st 2.8lbs in the New Year (can you believe it’s nearly time to start making Resolutions?)

I’m actually more pleased with the way I’ve lost this weight than the weight-loss itself.  I have been sticking to the WeightWatchers Plan without depriving or starving myself.  Last week I even had a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate.  A little voice in my head is saying:

This is how it’s supposed to be.

And I think it may be right.

Christmas is, of course, coming and the goose is getting fat.  It’s my birthday on Christmas Eve and my mother has promised me a pepperoni pizza and ice cream for afters.  In fact, I’ve seen my pizza in her freezer!  I’m going to take the two days off dieting and just suck up the weight-gain that will inevitably result.  And, most importantly, I’m not going to starve myself on the surrounding days to ‘make up’ for it.  I don’t do a whole lot of socialising so taking 2 days out of a diet that’s going to take more than a year is really neither here nor there.

Week 2 – 1lb Gained!

I had to got weighed twice on Monday.

The first weighing was when I got up and after I’d paddled through to the toilet.  At 15st 5lbs I’d gained 1lb.  Which I’m actually fairly pleased with as it could have been so much worse.

The second weighing was when I saw my GP (Dr T).  He sees me every third week at the moment to support my weight-loss and smoking cessation efforts (no cigarettes since 29th October!)  On his scales, I also weighed in at 15st 5lbs but this is a maintain rather than a gain.  I’m very pleased about this as it’s the first time I’ve seen him and not gained.  I’ve promised myself I’ll have lost when I see him next.

So, what went wrong?  Basically, I was so excited about last week’s massive loss that I did something really stupid.  If sticking to one’s Points allowance results in weight-loss then surely eating as few Points as humanly possible will result in a bigger weight-loss?

Actually, no!

I starved myself from Monday to Thursday (and did lose weight – I weigh every day but only record it once a week).  Then, on Friday, I rebelled and binged right through the weekend on lots of sugary, fatty deliciousness.  As, when in Binge Mode, I can gain 7lbs in a week a 1lb gain is actually good.

The lesson has been learned.  This week I’m eating no fewer than 14 Points a day, as instructed by WeightWatchers.  In fact, I’ve banked 5 Points so far this week so I’m eating plenty.  I’m avoiding desserts because they’re a binge-food and if I buy X-many to eat throughout the week then I’m likely to eat them all in one day.  But I am planning pizza and dessert on Saturday (I have Sunday and Monday off so Saturdays are the start of my weekend and to be celebrated.)  And if I’m assailed by an irresistible desire for chocolate then I shall walk to the shop and purchase one item whose Points I ascertain and record, just as I would any other food.

The proof of the pudding is the eating.  Today I weigh the same as I did last Thursday and without starving myself.

Week 1 – 7lbs Lost!

Michael Finnegan, begin again.

It’s been a wee while since I updated my slimming progress here and things have changed which is why I’m resetting the weekly count.  Also, I don’t really believe I’ve lost 7lbs in one week but it makes me feel more positive to say that I have.  And I have.  Kind of.

So, since the last update, I have tried and failed to do SlimmingWorld and gained weight.  Then I tried and succeeded at SlimmingWorld and stayed the same.  Then I had my experiment with virtual vegetarianism which led me to buy a whole lot of ingredients with which to make meals and then to watch them all shrivel up while I ate Pasta’n’Sauce.  I think I lost 0.5lbs and then gained 3lbs.  Whatever.  The main problem I find with vegetarianism is that I don’t actually like vegetables.  I eat them in soups and sauces because they’re good for me but show me a carrot and a steak and I’ll choose the steak every time.  I very much begrudge paying for food that I don’t like and ultimately waste so the endeavour was somewhat doomed from the start.

Meantime, back with my life:  I was a very stressed woman during all of this as we awaited the mother’s MRI results.  In the event, there was good news – her cancer has not spread to her spine – but a Stressed Laura is a Hungry Laura and I ate accordingly.  Why is it that chocolate is a comfort food while apples aren’t?  It doesn’t take a Mastermind to work out that I gained more weight.  I didn’t weigh myself but my clothes were tighter than usual and doing day-to-day tasks was becoming uncomfortable and I knew it was time to do something about it.

And I have.  I signed up to WeightWatchers’ online offering on Thursday night at which point I stepped on the scales at found the numbers saying ’15st 11lbs’.  That’s the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life.  But it was clothed and after a whole day’s eating and drinking.  I’ve chosen Monday as my weigh-in day and this morning, naked and on an empty stomach, I’m 15st 4lbs which gives a loss of 7lbs.  Obviously I’m not comparing like with like but, hey, I need a bit of a boost, OK?  Watch this space for a more accurate appraisal next week!